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Custom designed softwares to suit every need!

We will design and customise your software the way you want it.

Design & Develop

We offer customized software solutions that will be designed and built with your church in mind. Our services are not limited to custom church management software but we offer a wide range of other digital and business solutions.

Custom Software

Whatever your church size, Kyox helps you to effectively manage, track and store families, ministries, groups, and members’ data. Our advanced system allows you to easily access and manage your data at any time.


We are security-aware and we are compliant in all perspectives and we make all efforts to ensure that your data security by privacy industry best standards & practices are met for your security and peace of mind.

Our systems are loaded with powerful tools

Get the best tools to help you easily and professionally manage your church.

Secure Database

Easily manage your church’s database and store an unlimited amount of information on each person using custom fields. Group people into lists specific to your church’s needs, manage Ministries and Life Groups easily and securely.

Ministry & Roles

At its core, Kyox provides your church with database software for ministry and membership management. Create an ​instant church directory,​ send ​mass emails,​ build ​phone trees,​ and ​text in across all departments for your church.

Life Groups

Life Groups are the core and the future of the church. At Kyox, we provide you with the best tools to establish and build Life Groups. Our system makes it easy to connect and manage Life Groups, easily make follow-ups, home and hospital visits, and more.

Follow Up

A great way to communicate with and follow up on all old or new church members, ministries, and groups. Quickly select a ministry, group, or members to communicate to by email, or SMS, create follow-up activities, or add to groups.

Events Management

Transform events administration by doing it all online. You can create registration forms, see who already submitted theirs, and view attendance data of all events. Check-in is easy for leaders and members via any platform, device, or browser of your choice.

Advanced Search

Easily search and find information on people in seconds with our intuitive design. Store an unlimited amount of information on each person by adding custom fields. View groups of people that match any number of criteria and quickly communicate with them through email or text message.

Powerful Metrics

Kyox provides the most advanced and yet easy-to-use reporting system. Easily draw reports on any ministry or group, life group growth, easily see which age groups, regions, and suburbs make up your life groups. Easily export reports to any file format of your choice, print, or share reports directly from your dashboard.


Building a successful church is all about effective communication. Kyox, gives you the ability to manage the way you communicate with your church. Our systems are designed with people at heart and therefore come with tools to help you SMS, Email, or even Call people directly from your dashboard.

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The cost of our software and websites is dependant on what type of website you need and what the main functionality of the website needs to be. It could be Custom Software designed specifically for you, Informational, E-commerce, a Blog, or a host of other types. Send us an email with what you want to build and we will give you a cost estimate.

The time it takes to design, build and secure your software or website is dependant on the type of website you need and want, the resources you have available (images, written copy, etc.), and the speed at which you get it to us. The timeline can span from one month to six months and longer.

Every software and or website needs hosting to store all the files, images, and databases, etc. At Kyox, we offer affordable web hosting solutions to suit your every need.

You do not necessarily need to have a mobile app along with your website but an app is however likely to inclrease the traffic to your business as mobile phones have become a part of people’s daily lives.

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